Brenda Hill Ramsdell

   Brenda owned and operated private Preschool and Kindergarten programs in her hometown for many years. Barrington Country Kindergarten and Buckle My Shoe Preschool were unique and accelerated programs. Brenda loved the country feel of her location and the schools themselves were innovative and progressive. Brenda put a lot of emphasis on music and the arts, both key to child development. She also introduced her students to Spanish, American Sign Language, and classical music. She took her students on monthly field trips. They went everywhere from the Town Library, the local Opera House to enjoy musicals and plays, and sledding down the infamous Wagon Hill. There were hayrides, apple and pumpkin picking, ice skating, bowling and much more.  Brenda often invited parents, grandparents, and younger siblings to all gatherings. She included introductory math skills, reading, writing, poetry, geography, comprehension, and cognitive skills-learning in her curriculum. Each month families received a detailed calendar of events, and each student also received a weekly homework packet. Brenda celebrated every birthday, and every holiday with festive parties at her school. Around March every year, she would begin rehearsing for their year-end graduation ceremony and celebration, which was held at the local Historical Society. Her mother-in-law, Muriel Ramsdell, an accomplished pianist and a former teacher herself, would play the piano and the children would stand on a little stage and perform together. Brenda wrote many of the songs including ones to pay homage to American Indians, Sign Language Movement pieces, a song she wrote in Spanish, Poetry recitations, and popular children’s songs and chants. Her students wore little Greek wreathes of knowledge that she made for them. Each student would receive a thick keepsake binder full of work samples collected throughout the school year, as well as many photos to commemorate all of the field trips, parties and celebrations. 

  Brenda still keeps in touch with many of her former students to this day. 

  Brenda closed her school programs at the end of what was to be the last year her beloved school was in operation. Her best friend needed a kidney and Brenda was the only viable match. After many visits to Boston and much testing, the surgery was a success. Brenda is committed to the advocacy of Organ Donation. She feels strongly that people need to offer to donate bone marrow or an organ, because most people in need are too gracious and humble to ask.

One of Brenda’s favorite seasonal past times is picking berries and making jellies and jams. She has her own native blueberries and grapes on her property, and makes strawberry-rhubarb from ingredients she procures from a local farm. Every Christmas family and friends know they will receive a jar of her jelly or jam.

Brenda has volunteered over the years for several food pantries, and volunteered for her town’s Recycling Center. She is a longtime member of the Historical Society. She was also on the start-up committee for the first-ever Peeperfest Celebration which is now an annual event in town. Brenda was also on the start-up committee for the first Barrington Days. She was a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Brenda is a dedicated and conscientious Recycler. She has shared this message with many, many children over the years. She loves spending time with the elderly too. Brenda’s favorite people are children and the elderly.
 Brenda also supports many causes including fundraising for Cancer Research and their Cures, Alzheimer’s Research To Find A Cure, Homeless Veterans, Saving Sudan, and Smile Train.
       Photo of Brenda and Teddy