I had a premonition, a sense of foreboding that
something bad was going to happen.

A Very Special Catch

A Very Special Catch is a whopper of a tail (ahem, that’s tale) that chronicles the amazingly realistic adventures of a unique and intelligent family of mermaids who are forced to leave their island paradise when their quiet lives are suddenly interrupted, first by dangers of the sea, then by greedy humans. This thrilling story is a clever, one-of-a-kind novel full of excitement and adventure that kids will love to read, that parents will love to read with their children, and teachers will want to read with their students. This wonderful story has many positive messages; including the power of love, friendship, bravery, loyalty, the gifts and beauty of nature, and embracing our differences.  A must-read!

Little did I know then, that this would be the last night in many that I would truly be safe and sound, and that after this night my life would be forever changed.